Course curriculum

    1. Profitability

    2. Uniqueness

    3. Traffic

    4. Automation

    5. Documentation

    1. Preparation & Deliverability

    2. Target Acquisition Criteria

    3. Listed Deals

    4. Direct Outreach Prospecting

    5. Mass Outreach Prospecting

    1. Initial Call Flow & Follow Up

    2. Thank you! PLUS a Special Offer

About this course

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  • 15 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

What else is included?

Tools, templates, tasks, links and more to accelerate your learning and support your search!

  • Tools & Templates

    $1,997 value

    - eCommerce Niche List - Prospect Tracker Template - eCommerce Models, Skills & Weaknesses Template - Five Factors of Value graphic - Call flow graphic - Seller Question List

  • Practice Tasks & Additional Learning


    Reinforce your learning with specific activities on each lesson and expand your knowledge with external resources I share!

  • Links & Referrals


    Get access to the sites I use for assessing, prospecting and deliverability and get my top referrals for lending and traffic/SEO analysis for the target eCommerce Brands!

Learn > Find > Assess > Offer

Knowledge is half the battle!  Gaining the ability to assess eCommerce Brands and having a process for outreach are crucial factors in a business buying journey.

This student submitted two LOIs (Letter of Intent) within 2 months on brands he found using the eCom Biz Buyer strategy.

Learn and start your journey!

Skip the painful months (or years) of learning and arm yourself with a framework to assess eCommerce Brands and connect with Brand Owners.

Business Buyers who have worked with me:

“The consulting likely saved me 100 hours of work figuring things out on my own and a ton of money that I'd waste on trying stuff out. Being in the eCom space for a long time, its really rare to find someone who actually knows their stuff, and Branden definitely does. Branden is the real deal.”

Zan V.

“Top level e-commerce business acquisition insights! Branden has really gone above and beyond in providing top level guidance and insights regarding all aspects of the business acquisition process. He brings a specific deep level understanding of e-commerce and online business acquisition from both the buy and sell sides. I can't recommend him highly enough for someone looking to buy or sell a digital asset.”

Jerry M.

“Outstanding experience! I first got in touch with Branden around 18 months ago. He was introduced to me through an industry friend and was kind enough to answer any and all questions I had around store acquisitions. Fast forward to today and Branden has not only become a trusted friend and expert for M&A but he has helped me find and purchase promising eCommerce brands. Through his network of buyers and sellers Branden has a grasp on the market like hardly anyone else. He is taking great pride (rightly so) in the amount of due diligence he puts into each transaction he's guiding his buyers and sellers through. Every step of the way I was crystal clear of the steps ahead and what was expected of myself and the opposite site. I can't recommend Branden enough.”

Thore H.

“I cannot recommend Branden highly enough! Branden is a top-tier professional and he absolutely knows his stuff. I had a couple of 1-on-1 consultations with Branden and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He's an amazing advisor and his trustworthiness, knowledge and general inclination to help you is a godsend. You never feel like he is doing anything other than serving your very best interests!”

Edwin M.

“I highly recommend Branden! I've talked to a lot of experts in the M&A field. Branden is definitely one of the most knowledgable and trustworthy people out there. He is an absolute expert and most important he cares about you and your business like his own.”

Ali M.

“Amazing Experience! Branden is one of the best in the e-commerce acquisition space. If you are looking to buy an e-commerce brand, he is ready to help you 100%. Highly recommend!”

Patrick V.

“Branden is an amazing M&A advisor. I had a 1on1 consultation with him and it was very informative. He answered all my questions ( I had tons of them) and gave me insights about how I could leverage my operational skills. One more thing I liked, is that he's not the one who just tells you what you want to hear, but rather someone who will give you the truth about how you should go about doing things. If you're new to the M&A space and you're looking for guidance, I strongly endorse Branden.”

Ahmed J.


  • What does this course cover?

    How I assess eCommerce Brands to buy and the major factors I consider, how to develop a target basic acquisition criteria, preparing yourself for outreach and deliverability, how to assess listed deals, how to find off-market eCommerce Brands and contact their owners, how to handle the email and call flow with the owners.

  • What does this course NOT cover?

    Currently, it does not cover Due Diligence, offers/structuring or the closing process. Please view the curriculum to get a better idea of the information covered in the course.

  • Will I be able to buy a 6/7/8 figure eCommerce Business with this course?

    This course makes no such guarantees and only serves to show you the method I use to assess, prospect and connect with eCommerce Brands to buy. My intention is to better equip you with analysis ability and a method of prospecting for dealflow.

  • Are you a Financial, Legal or Professional advisor?

    No. Although I have over 6 years of experience in buying and selling eCommerce Businesses, I make no claims to offer financial legal or professional advice here or within the course.

  • Does this course cover buying Amazon brands?

    Although the assessment portion can be applied to Amazon brands as well, the prospecting portion of the course is targeted more towards eCommerce brands with their own websites. I do cover strategies on finding and connecting with Amazon brand owners though.

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